last update: 26-10-2022



These days, while people are worried about the spread of the Coronavirus, another set of plans have been made to observe health and hygiene standards at MAHAK Hospital. This Hospital provides treatment services to one fifth of cancer-stricken children in Iran and it is the only highly-specialized pediatric cancer hospital in the country. The measures taken at MAHAK Hospital to prevent the spread of Coronavirus are as follows:

  1. Compliance with standards to hinder the spread of the virus such as isolation of various hospital areas and preventing unnecessary visits and trips
  2. Checking the body temperatures of everyone who enters the building including the non-medical staff
  3. Teaching the families and staff about how to protect themselves from Coronavirus 
  4. 24-hour presence of social workers and psychologists to manage the stress of children and their families
  5. Increasing MAHAK Hospital’s cooperation with pediatric infectious diseases specialists to benefit from their knowledge and receive their advices on mitigation actions
  6. We have moved all the administrative offices to another building next to the hospital to avoid any interaction of the medical staff who are in direct contact with the patients with those who are not. These measures include separate entrances and parking accesses.
  7. Distributing personal protective equipment for coronavirus among the patients and their families at MAHAK Hospital and other partner hospitals