last update: 26-10-2022



To make it easier for our children and their families to receive support services and in order to uphold the principles of sanitation and hygiene, we have taken the following measures:

  1. Minimizing in-person referrals and commutes to MAHAK hospital for support services.
  2. Implementing full antivirus sanitation measures at our residential centers which have to remain open for non-Tehranis.
  3. Activating payment mechanisms for families and hospitals which minimize direct contact.
  4. Psychological services are actively focusing on reducing stress exhibited by children and families.
  5. Closing down group play areas while providing personal play items for children to remain engaged in their private areas.
  6. Eliminating unnecessary referrals to treatment centers by families.
  7. Providing basic training for the families to take the necessary care and preventive actions against COVID-19.
  8. A secure area has been equipped with ten beds and equipment in line with infection prevention and control measures in order to ensure proper services for patients with COVID-19 or those suspected.
  9. Distributing personal anti-COVID- 19 protective equipment among the patients and their families at MAHAK and partner hospitals.