last update: 26-10-2022



Supporting the families that have faced the crisis of their child’s cancer is our routine task. During the past 29 years we have learned that in crisis management we need to consider all the dimensions of our actions before making decisions. We know that all people are valuable and no one should be ignored or receive less attention.

As the coronavirus pandemic escalates and many countries, states and cities along with various organizations and companies has implemented their own protective measures to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus according the declared governmental principals, we at MAHAK hold ourselves responsible for making decisions which include the benefit of all our stakeholders and strive to deploy

Accordingly, we have taken the following preventative measures forour main stakeholders including our children with cancer and their families, staff, volunteers and all the members of the society which are being modified according to country needs and the local situation:

  1. Our first priority was to avoid stopping the process of service provision to our children and their families while observing all the hygienic issues since one fifth of children with cancer under MAHAK’s support refer to MAHAK Hospital.
  2. MAHAK has 30 fundraising offices and desks in two cities of Tehran and Karaj to which donors can refer to make donations. We have closed them all.
  3. To prevent the spread of Coronavirus collecting and distributing donation boxes has been stopped until further notice.
  4. Then we considered some solutions to ease their communication process with MAHAK.
  5. Since the treatment of cancer-stricken children will never be hindered we have increased online donation channels so that the kindhearted donors who never forget cancer-stricken children be able to continue their support; we have launched MAHAK’s renewed website in response to the requests of MAHAK’s family easing the process of information sharing and making online donations from inside Iran.
  6. To reduce commutes and keep our staff and other people safe and sound, remote work packages have been defined for the staff.

We have also moved all the administrative offices to another building next to the hospital to avoid any interaction of the medical staff who are in direct relation with the patients with those who are not. These measures include separate entrances and parking accesses.


Our succeeding news will focus on MAHAK’s extraordinary measures at the hospital and across the country to protect the patients and their families.

Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on the wellbeing of MAHAK children and their families across the country by continuing to support them unequivocally and confronting any new challenge that may arise with resilience, trust, innovation and teamwork accentuated by the continuous love and support we receive from our partners and supporters.