last update: 26-10-2022


MAHAK is a philanthropy organization established with the charitable and altruistic goal of serving humanity and has strived to pursue its humanitarian goals with the support of its benevolent donors, staff and volunteers during the past three decades; humanitarian values have always been its priority. We at MAHAK have learned that in case of making decisions we ought to consider all dimensions. We have learned that during the hard days of crisis all human beings are important and we should pay equal attention to all the members of our community. 
‏Today, while the whole world and our country has faced a health crisis due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we hold ourselves responsible to all our stakeholders including our children, staff, benefactors, all the members of the ever-expanding family of MAHAK and the whole society.
‏‎‏ Due to this reason and relying on our experiences and knowledge we have taken measures to obviate the necessity of referring to MAHAK’s social work office for our children all over Iran, provide psychological services to diminish their stress, teach protection methods against Coronavirus to the society and decrease the necessity of the staff’s presence at MAHAK by defining remote work packages. In addition, only one of the 30 fundraising offices of MAHAK is open and distribution and collection of donation boxes have been cancelled.
Besides all these preventive actions the treatment of cancer-stricken children should continue in all circumstances. Therefore, we tried to expand online donation channels so that the donors resume providing their support to our children.
MAHAK’s newly designed Farsi website is one of the measures which has been taken in response to the requests of MAHAK’s family easing the process of making online donations from inside Iran.  Therefore from now on, donations and online requests to buy calendars, bracelets, notebooks, etc. can occur through our new Farsi website from inside Iran. In addition the new version of our English website is under construction and we will announce its renewal to you as soon as it becomes ready to services.
We extend our appreciations to all of you for your love and support towards cancer-stricken children in all circumstances of crisis, war, peace and sanctions and wish a year full of health and peace ahead of you. May the empathy and union of all the members of society bring an end to these hard days.
Sincerely yours,
Arasb Ahmadian
Chief Executive Officer