last update: 16-05-2022



On the occasion of the International Childhood Cancer Day, Azadi Tower, the nostalgic landmark of Tehran lit up orange in support of MAHAK children and the World Cancer Day Campaign. Azadi Tower is a monument located on Azadi Square in Tehran, Iran. It is one of the landmarks of Tehran, marking the west entrance to the city, and is part of the Azadi Cultural Complex, which also includes an underground museum.

On the same occasion, MAHAK children visited Azadi Tower Museum as an event which aimed to increase their quality of life and preserve their childhood. In this event, the children got to know about this monument's history and visited the tower along with their parents.

We pay tribute to all who support MAHAK in the path of raising awareness towards cancer.

We at MAHAK look forward to have an impactful role in raising public awareness towards cancer and strive to accompany the cancer-stricken children in their treatment process in the best way we can.