last update: 16-05-2022


A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between MAHAK, Pediatric Cancer Treatment and Research Center and Institute Giannina Gaslini in a meeting in the Italian Embassy in Iran with the presence of the Italian Ambassador to Iran; members of MAHAK’s Boards of Trustees and Directors; Director General of Institute Giannina Gaslini; Gaslini’s Chairman of Hematology-Oncology-Stem Cell Transplantation Ward; Medical Assistant of the Emergency Department of Gaslini Hospital along with head and specialists of MAHAK Hospital and the CEO of MAHAK Charity.
On the following day after signing the MOU the representatives of Gaslini Hospital visited MAHAK and had a meeting with the specialists at MAHAK Hospital through which they introduced their centers and discussed their collaboration opportunities.
Chairman of MAHAK's Board of Trustees: The Importance of Multidisciplinary Treatment
Prof. Mardawig Alebouyeh, MD, Chairman of MAHAK’s Board of Trustees and Directors and member of MAHAK’s Medical Council defined Gaslini Hospital’s activities in three categories of treatment, research and training and added:”Aiming to increase the quality of treatment services for children with cancer a memorandum of understanding has been signed with Gaslini Hospital in order to train the staff and learning about the up-to-date treatment methods and corporation of joint projects.”
This pediatric hematologist-oncologist mentioned that a collaboration model has been devised which aims for continuous improvement in the fields of treatment, improvement of services to children with cancer and their families and their satisfaction. He, then stated:” According to this MOU, MAHAK Hospital’s specialists will participate in training programs focusing on cancer diagnosis, oncology and bone marrow transplantation offered by Gaslini Specialists.”
Alebouyeh declared the duration of this MOU to be 3 years and added: ”Today, MAHAK is providing free of charge services for cancer-stricken children in Iran and neighboring countries regardless of their religion, race or nationality” In addition he expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the mission they had set for MAHAK on the first days has been accomplished.”
The Italian Ambassador: The Access to the best services is all children’s right
Italian Ambassador to Iran, H.E. Giuseppe Perrone, in the course of the meeting stated:”This meeting and the memorandum are highly important since they are for the sake of children.”
He added that:” Such collaborations between the two noble organizations of MAHAK and Gaslini are normal to occur and prove that all children have the right of accessing the best possible care no matter whom they are or where they live.”
Director General of Institute Giannina Gaslini: Cancer-stricken with children benefit from the MOU
Dr. Paolo Petralia, Director General of Institute Giannina Gaslini praised the system which provides treatment and support to the children and stated:” There is excellent networking among the various components in MAHAK which are doctors, nurses, psychologists and social workers. This is surely advantageous for the children.” In addition he mentioned that implementation of new protocols will improve the quality of treatment and the full care compliance for the patients.
Chairman of Hematology-Oncology- Stem Cell Transplantation Ward: The Significance of Exchanging Medical Knowledge and International Standards in Treatment
Dr. Carlo Dufour, Gaslini’s Chairman of Hematology-Oncology- Stem Cell Transplantation Ward after the tour around MAHAK Hospital stated that: “MAHAK is an excellent structure of really high standard, comparable to highest European level standards. He added that here in MAHAK a lot of people are working with lots of enthusiasm and competencies.” Moreover, he predicted a fruitful collaboration between the two parties which will affect the patients’ treatment directly.
Gaslini Hospitals' Planning and Control Department Director: Providing New Treatment Protocols to MAHAK
Dr. Rosati, regarding the performance of MAHAK stated that: “I got a positive impression by visiting the hospital and I believe we can develop a good program together. In fact, international collaboration is beneficial for both organizations and its result would be better treatment for patients.”
MAHAK's Great Concern; Providing Best-Quality Services to All Its Children
During the 28 years of experience, MAHAK has always tried to exchange knowledge and experience with national and international specialists in order to improve the quality of its treatment and support services provided to children with cancer and their families so that all cancer-stricken children in our country receive the best services. We look forward to bid farewell to cancer in future as a result of implementation of the most efficient methods and standards of science in treatment of cancer within the framework of national and international standards and the Charter of Patient Rights.