last update: 16-05-2022



The five-year-old Sarah had got dressed to go home but when she saw the firefighters in the hospital ward, she told her mom very excitedly: "I'm not coming home, uncle firefighter is here!" Sa'eed, the eight-year-old boy who is in remission, had come to MAHAK for the periodical check-ups. When he saw the firefighters and found that they are here at MAHAK to have an exciting event for the children, Sa'eed asked his father if they could stay in the hospital after his check-up so that he could see the fire truck and drive it!


MAHAK children get thrilled and forget their pains for a couple of hours when they see the firefighters. On the occasion of the National Firefighters' Day, we pay tribute to all the gallant heroes who have golden hearts full of love for their fellow beings.


P.S. This year, Tehran Fire Department delivered its message of safety and incident prevention on the occasion of the National Firefighters' Day from MAHAK. Turn pages to see the visual report of their presence at MAHAK.