last update: 18-10-2021


Children all over Iran are familiar with a puppet called "Chera", whose name means"why" in Farsi. Azadeh Mo'ayedifard who is Chera's dubber came to MAHAK for the second time. In this visit she had a new puppet, called Tavalod Mobarak, and a magic box full of stories with her. Tavalod Mobarak, whose name means "happy birthday" in Farsi, sang and told stories to the children and chatted with them. Although the children hadn't seen Tavalod Mobarak before, they made friends with her since she was very kind and friendly to them and created happy moments for them.
One of the stories in Tavalod Mobarak's magic box was about a little squirrel who had lost his friends because of being selfish and had to try hard to have them back. This story was sang and performed by the guest volunteer artists and MAHAK's volunteer teachers and was warmly welcomed by the children.
We appreciate all who create joy for MAHAK children and thank all who enhance the quality of life of children with cancer by their benevolence.