last update: 16-05-2022



A thrill of excitement was run in the hospital corridor. When the children saw the gifts wrapped with ribbons and balloons in different beautiful colors, they asked the auntie and uncle who were wearing colorful clothes:” Will you come to our ward, too? Will you come to Radiotherapy Ward? Will you stay till I go to the lab for a test and come back?” The answer to all these questions was “Yes”! The children got relieved when they found the group would wait for them. This is how another celebration started at MAHAK.


The Support Services Department with the cooperation of volunteers had planned to make a great National Children’s Day for MAHAK’s angels to make them happy and add color to the atmosphere of the hospital. Seeing their children’s happiness and excitement, the parents believe that all these days will pass and the day when their child is in complete recovery will arrive soon.


With the support of benefactors and volunteers MAHAK strives to preserve the childhood of cancer-stricken children in a way that the pain which is caused by cancer doesn’t hinder them from dreaming about their future. This is you who make hope continue in MAHAK. We look forward to the world’s bidding farewell to cancer and to the day when we celebrate the wellbeing of all MAHAK children.


P.S. You can share this happiness with your friends by sending this piece of news to them and telling them that cancer is not the end of childhood.