last update: 18-10-2021


There are children in MAHAK, who study their lessons while they are receiving treatment so that they do not fall behind their school classmates. MAHAK children learn and study their lessons in their hospital rooms, with the help and supervision of volunteer teachers. This is done to enhance the quality of life of children with cancer.
The academic year starts for MAHAK children as for other children therefore our children do not worry about lagging behind their school friends. Although it is not easy to start the academic year in the hospital but we believe that as the result of the constant care and support of MAHAK benefactors we can create sweet moments for children.
We congratulate the arrival of the new academic year to the students and teachers who strive to gain knowledge despite all the difficulties they have in life. We look forward to the day when all MAHAK children recover from diseases, just like Ayda and Amir Mohammad, and learn their lessons at school so that they receive the best grades and degrees.