last update: 18-10-2021


Volunteers are one of the most important pillars in MAHAK. They work in different departments and divisions. One of the spheres in which volunteering activities happens is communication with children in MAHAK's playrooms. This group of volunteers can start their task after participating in a training course.
There is a playroom in each ward of MAHAK hospital which is open in specific hours every day and the children can get together with their friends and play their favorite games with all the very many different toys which are available for different age ranges. During the active time of the playroom, a volunteer and a psychologist stay with the children and play therapy, music therapy and other activities of the kind take place in there. 
It is only by the support of volunteers and benefactors that MAHAK has been able to support over 32000 cancer-stricken children during 28 years. We look forward to bidding farewell to cancer as the result of such care and support.