last update: 18-10-2021



The birthday is one of the most important days in life.On this day, we forget the past and try to celebrate and plan for future. We also wish our life will be full of happiness and good events.


At MAHAK, also, we strive to provide the best for our children so that they can regain their health and celebrate innumerable birthdays with their loved ones.


MAHAK children's August birthday celebration was held in all hospital wards with the collaboration of volunteers and the support services department. In this happy event all the children were served with cakes that have been baked which suited on the nutrition requirements of the children. MAHAK's little heroes got colorful balloons and educational games as birthday presents; this way they lived some moments of their childhood happily and away from the thought of their disease.


Stay with MAHAK till our great wish, which is the complete recovery of all children from cancer, becomes granted.