last update: 18-10-2021


The Hospital ward is quiet, as usual, and the children while resting or taking medications get surprised by hearing joyous music being played in the corridor. Mothers open the room doors and the children come to the corridor with their IV stands to see what intriguing event is happening this time. After a couple of minutes an exciting get-together starts while Azeri dance and music are being played.
The members of the ritual-traditional group created a memorable day for MAHAK children and drew smiles on the faces of their parents.
Hope greets the hearts of children and their parents when events of such kind take place at MAHAK as the result of the philanthropy of devoted artists and humanitarians. We pay tribute to all the artists and other benefactors who change the atmosphere of the hospital to a lively one in which our little angels reside with hopeful hearts.
P.S. This artist group held the opening ceremony of the ritual-traditional festival at MAHAK in 2017.