last update: 10-01-2024




Dear Ever-expanding Family of MAHAK,
The pandemic of Corona Virus made everyone to go through difficult and challenging days. On the other hand, the imposed sanctions has also made complex economic situation for Iranians including MAHAK. In such situation, not paying attention to each of them could have led to disruption in supplying cancer-stricken children’s treatment and support services expenses.
We proudly state that relying on Iranian civil society, constant professional support of our volunteers and the enthusiastic efforts of staff at MAHAK, treatment costs has not been a reason for refusing or ceasing any child’s treatment. With a three-decade background of having strategic perspective, we have strived to keep a hopeful view and plan for a better and more successful future than the past. We well learned at MAHAK that what does not defeat you make you stronger.
Moving in the path of digitalization, being a member of International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP) as the main policy maker in childhood cancer treatment, increasing the volunteers’ activity in organization post-pandemic, supplying financial resources for about 20,000 children under treatment in all public and university hospitals of Iran as well as enhancing professional skills and capacity of human resource are among MAHAK’s future action plan.
We sincerely believe that with unwavering support of our benefactors throughout the country in addition to the valuable contribution of the employees and volunteers, MAHAK will definitely have the good experience in providing peace and well-being for cancer-stricken children.