last update: 27-02-2021




Message From CEO

The society to support children suffering from cancer, known as MAHAK, has turned to its third decade of activities In 2011. One of the concepts that currently is used for analysis and evaluation of growth and organization transformation is rotation of its scheme of formation. According to numerous case study on many organizations on the context of formation of organizational structures, methods of management, administrative and operational system, it has been noticed that they all follow the similar predictable pattern, this pattern consist of four stages as follows;

1.     Task Creation
2.     Cooperation with Monetary Partner.
3.     legalization
4.     Policy Making

Examining history of MAHAK in the past 25 years and analysis of its current position indicates that; Task Formation, Cooperation with Monetary Partner and Legalization are left behind and  will be entering into the fourth stage; policy Contemplation phase in its the third decade of existence .
Successful passage through three preceding stages is the result of heartfelt, truly and adoringly efforts of thousands of true hearted persons whom hand in hand followed a humanistic path. This endeavor, in the first steps, started with sentimental intent and notion of the founder of organization at Task Formation stage, and today MAHAK great family, with reliance on collective wisdom, takes the ultimate measures for realization of these humanistic cause, and the results of these sincere challenges are the treated children, and fortunately in growing numbers. We sincerely value you and MAHAK great family’s peerless aids and assistances.
MAHAK organization, in third decade of its activities, for the purpose to promote its solid values, Transparency and Accountability, prevail on its activities, earnestly is expanding communication with whoever is in conformity with us in every field and aspect especially virtual world. MAHAK organization new website is the result of this act; it has been tried to present activities, yield and outcome of the activities with maximum transparency and enthusiastically respond to your inquiries and questions. I hope that through this website all the members of MAHAK immense family can vividly visit the results of their kind supports toward Children with Cancer.

Arasb Ahmadian