last update: 26-10-2022



Standards & Benchmarks
NGO Benchmarking standard provides Nongovernmental organization with the best modes of working from an Internationally accepted Reference. Implementing these methods enables NGOs to evaluate their advantages and disadvantages in order to promote their accountability toward their customers. 
NGO Benchmarking Standard and its definition in has been celebrated by Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). In accordance with local condition, these organizations can be named as Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs) but all will be concluded under the International Classification of Nongovernmental organizations(ICNPO).
NGO Benchmarking standards outline the following obligations and dimensions of best practices for a nongovernmental organizations.
• Developing, strengthening and implementing policies and instructions which handle the current management but sometimes it is also demanded by various societies and volunteers particularly.
• Revealing to the stakeholders that ; policies, instructions and activities are in accordance with the current methods practiced internationally.
MAHAK won the NGO benchmarking in 2007 and consequently the GIC award in July 2011.