last update: 19-05-2023


Who is hero? May the word “Hero” reminds you of many legends, from the one who traveled all around the world to discover the marvels of the world, to the ones galloping on horses and proudly wearing their capes. Nowadays some spider or bat popular fictional characters have been called a hero.
19th of August is designated as World Humanitarian Day by United Nations; a day to commemorate and appreciate the real life heroes who are nurses and other caregivers that put their lives in danger to save other people during the  COVID-19 pandemic.
MAHAK like the other organizations experienced the destructive effects of this virus as a great challenge. Fortunately, thanks to our real life heroes, the number of hospitalized children who are also diagnosed with Corona Virus was kept as low as possible.
Recently, with the new flow of this disease and to control it, it is our turn to follow the health protocols carefully by taking vaccine to say thank you to all the humanitarians who have been carrying on against all odds.