last update: 19-05-2023


World Breastfeeding Week is an annual celebration that is held in first week of August. As a charity organization which has mothers and children as the main target group of receiving its services, MAHAK is responsible to raise awareness among this society in this regard.
The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) was marked this week with the commitment of supporting and promoting breastfeeding since the past three decades. It can be a chance of raising awareness among the families about the benefits of timely and exclusively breastfeeding for children.
Generally, there is a set of goals for this week which are expected to be realized:
To support mothers in breastfeeding process 
To educate families about breastfeeding benefits
To educate health care team to effectively support mothers and infants 
To deepen knowledge within the society to enhance, promote, and protect breastfeeding
Introducing breastfeeding as the foundation of a healthy life
In a world where day by day, more infants and babies suffer from irreversible complexities due to malnutrition, promoting breastfeeding is a shared responsibility. Let’s raise our awareness in this regard and help others to know about its importance.