last update: 16-03-2023


Despite many worldwide efforts and measures to have an in-peace and safe earth, the number of people who have to flee are increasing day by day.  The ones who had not a real idea of the word "Refugee" and its related challenges even in their most basic human rights such as safety and health. These challenges get more and harder if a child of family suffers from a severe illness such as cancer which means they need specific cares and attention. 
In MAHAK, we believe in accessing to treatment and supportive with equality for every child regardless of race and nationality. Hence, during the past 30 years of work, MAHAK has provided treatment and support services for 2572 refugee children throughout the country with collaboration and cooperation of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). 
On June 20, which is marked as World Refugee Day, we hope for the day when all children suffering from cancer receive comprehensive, non-discriminative medical and support services as there should be no border for care and love.