last update: 18-01-2023


Resting mentally and physically is what human beings need after hard work. Climbing a mountain, going on a trip, meeting friends or following any of personal interests are among the choices to satiate this need. However, there are people who find their peace of mind in diminishing the sorrows of their fellow beings; the ones we know as volunteers.
During the past 30 years of existence, MAHAK has been blessed with the support of a large group of volunteers who formed MAHAK and made it bloom and mature along with all the members of this ever-expanding family. With the care and patronage of golden-hearted volunteers who increase MAHAK's spiritual assets with their pure love and devotion, MAHAK has supported more than 39000 cancer-stricken children and their families during and after the challenging days of treatment.
On the occasion of the International Volunteer Day, we pay tribute to all who dedicate their time and knowledge to cancer-stricken children and make love continue to flourish in MAHAK. We look forward to engaging ever more volunteers’ support once COVID-19 has been eradicated.