last update: 18-01-2023


It all started with a pain in her leg. She waited for a couple of weeks to get relieved of the pain but to no avail. After referring to a physician, Humeyra was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. It was difficult for the family to accept she had cancer but they gradually came to acceptance. Humeyra and her family used to live in Shiraz, one of the southern cities of Iran, so they travelled to Tehran to start her treatment process. They were referred to MAHAK by one of the volunteer social workers of this charity.
Revisiting those days, Humeyra says: "My whole world changed when I got acquainted with MAHAK. We stayed at MAHAK's residential center whenever we went to Tehran to receive treatment. All who worked at MAHAK did their best to help children stand against cancer while preserving their childhood."
After 3 years of receiving treatment, Humeyra went into remission at the age of 10; however, her story did not come to end at this stage.
Depending on the type of cancer, permanent side effects may happen for patients; one of which is disability including vision and hearing impairment, and sometimes amputation. During Humeyra’s cancer treatment, one of her legs became disabled which meant she had to go through a new challenge. 
Humeyra is MAHAK's 22-year-old cancer-survivor who has never let disability limit her. She has studied architecture at university, has learned different skills and passed different courses including theater. She has learned her favorite sport, archery; she has also excelled in painting and won international awards.
Homeyra made a remarkable statement when she declared: “Human beings fly by their souls and this is the soul which elevates the body.”
We share Humeyra's quote with you on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in order to mark that hope and diligence will overcome every obstacle. 
On this occasion, we pay tribute to all the individuals and organizations that provide service to people who are suffering from any impairment as well as the ones who never let these impairments define them.
P. S.: Swipe to see her paintings.