last update: 18-01-2023



During the past two years, COVID-19 pandemic necessitated different measures and imposed limitations such as social distancing. Accordingly, physical activities due to the shutdown of gyms and other public places have been halted or significantly decreased. As a result of this inactivity, having a healthy diet in these days has the most significant impact in weight control. Since obesity is the known root cause for many diseases while impeding many treatment processes for chronic illnesses including cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, it has become increasingly important to have a good diet and control weight gain more than ever before.

October 26 has been marked as the Anti-Obesity Day. MAHAK, as a health centric organization, holds itself responsible to raise awareness towards the side effects of obesity which is a challenge to public health across the globe. May we have a healthy community by taking weight control measures seriously and generally following a healthy lifestyle pattern.