last update: 18-01-2023



Although studies have proved that eating sweets can improve our mood and cheer us up, we are careful about our sugar intake.  MAHAK children need to be even more careful because overuse of sweets and sugar may produce and multiply cancer cells. However, we can't ban children from eating sweets; so, what are we to do? According to the prescriptions of the experts in MAHAK’s nutrition department, we provide our children with a balanced diet of bread and grains with bran a small amount of sweets and simple sugar, and fresh vegetables and good protein and fat. This combination satisfies their palate and helps them in the treatment process.

November 14 was the World Diabetes Day with the theme of "access to diabetes care". May all people who suffer from this disease get equal access to treatment services and we wish a sweet and happy world for all children with no pains.