last update: 18-01-2023



Dear MAHAK friends,

You have supported MAHAK children for many years and have proved your companionship to us in different ways. You have proved how important MAHAK children are to you and how you would like to accompany them from far and near in their cancer journey and the challenging days of treatment.

November 13 was the World Kindness Day. As oxygen is necessary for breathing, kindness is required for MAHAK's life as you have practiced it in the best way possible during the past 30 years. Now we are inviting you to express your love for MAHAK children in a different fashion. Write #ILOVEMAHAKCHILDREN on your palm, a piece of paper or anything else, then take a photo of it and share it as a story and tag @mahakcharity with the hashtag #ILOVEMAHAK.  We will reshare your stories in various venues.