last update: 18-01-2023


In many ways teachers are magicians. This is abundantly clear when they skillfully manage to maintain order in classes with naughty students. They are also artists in depicting the world for their students. Teachers are part of our children’s school family and even act as mother-like figures: they love their students unconditionally. They are also like fathers, patient at all times even though things may not be going according to plan.
Every MAHAK child who survives cancer is a result of a teacher's efforts in teaching and educating a physician, a nurse, a social worker or a volunteer. Every pain alleviated, every relieved parent, every course of treatment followed; these are all the legacies of a teacher who has shared his or her knowledge and has taught humanitarianism. The love which thrives at MAHAK is also a product of such philanthropy. This is why we owe so much to teachers.