last update: 10-01-2024


Philanthropy is a very nice word. Even when it’s said, it makes you feel good and phrases such as loving human kind, humanity, avoiding discrimination, and loving people stay right through our minds.
Everyone has a share or mission in humanity. One person's mission is to eradicate hunger and thirst of people, another person’s share is to realize people's rights, while the other person’s mission could be “to take care of people”; for instance, a comrade-like care.
Beside every cancer patient, a person dedicates his/her life to help the patient who we call “a caring comrade”.
But being a caring comrade is not easy and not everyone can handle it. You have to be very self-sacrificing; you have to possess a very big heart full of love to be able to be a comrade. You don’t have to give up, you need to stay, and not get tired of fighting shoulder to shoulder beside the cancer-stricken person.
At MAHAK, the parents of children with cancer are their best comrades. In addition, together with psychologists and social workers, they strive to make the difficult days of treatment pass more happily for our little heroes.
If you have ever been a "caring comrade", we are proud of you. You have overcome one of the greatest trials in your life. You are so strong, and if you were not present in this world, it would undoubtedly lack something. You have given a meaning to the word "philanthropy" and completed its definition.