last update: 21-11-2023


Today, April 22, is the International Mother Earth Day. It’s been nearly 50 years that this occasion is being celebrated during the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere. This commemoration is to remind the significance of taking care of our planet as well as to encourage people to maintain the wellness and safety of this lovely blue planet. The Earth is our only home and its eradication will result in ours. Since you are concerned about cancer-stricken children and care for them very much; undoubtedly you do care about the home in which these children and all children in the world live.
From now on by doing simple tasks and encouraging others to do them, we can make our giving Mother Earth happy. We may have no role in industrial pollutions or major environmental issues but there are tasks we can do to prevent them such as: minimizing the use of tissues; using both sides of pieces of paper; and using fabric bags instead of plastic ones. These three simple tasks will have an enormous impact on the condition of our environment and therefore the Planet Erath.
Join the group of Earth protectors from now on. Each MAHAK supporter can be an Earth protector.