last update: 18-01-2023


Last year was one of the hardest times for the whole world. The crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic affected the lives of billions of people, entities, organizations, businesses and so on; MAHAK has been one of the impacted entities which faced a hard and unprecedented time as well.
MAHAK has had the mission of providing treatment and support services to children with cancer and their families during the past 30 years and in addition, as an organization in the healthcare field, we had to manage the imposed condition due to Coronavirus.
In the past Persian year, MAHAK strived to get accustomed to the current situation to be able to provide the best solutions to achieve its goals in a more flexible way. It is perfectly clear that children with cancer should receive treatment and support services in all circumstances; and we have fulfilled the commitment of supporting more than 20,000 under-treatment children and their families during the pandemic through the constant care and patronage of the ever-expanding family of MAHAK including donors, volunteers and staff.
MAHAK is turning 30 and as a result of relying on the civil capacity, it has supported over 35,000 cancer-stricken children during these years. We believe that moving forth in the path of development and providing appropriate and integrated services to our little heroes will be realized by the constant companionship of this ever-growing family.
We pay tribute to you for your support and wish to celebrate the recovery of many more of our children in the upcoming year and after eradication of the Coronavirus. 
Happy Persian New Year
Sharif Nezam Mafi
Chief Executive Officer