last update: 18-01-2023


2020 taught us different lessons with all the challenges it put on our table. One of the most important lessons we learned is the role every one of us have to assume and play diligently in ensuring the sanctity of living in a healthy environment. In 2020 we experienced living in a different world which forced us to become united more than any other period in the past considering we now have a common concern which was the comeback of health all over the world while finding a solution to eradicate COVID-19 .
In the advent of the New Year and on behalf of MAHAK, I would like to thank you as a member of the ever-growing family of MAHAK for your collaboration and support during the last year in spite of all challenges and limitations pandemic brought. We wish all the hopes and wishes made across the globe come true and 2021 be replete with health, prosperity, happiness, affluence and peace. May all patients, children and adults, achieve full recovery from diseases with increasing number of children winning the war against cancer in the New Year.
Happy New Year