last update: 21-11-2023



People who think you think that problems in the world are so much that we can do nothing about them; those who think caring about other people’s problems is none of their business; people who think philanthropy is just a word, may never be able to do volunteer work. But, if your heart beats for your fellow beings; if you can’t tolerate to see someone’s sorrow; if you dream of making great changes; if you believe there are things in the world which wroth sacrifice; if your heart gets replete with love by hearing a sick child call you aunt or uncle; if you have dedicated your time, professionalism and experience to diminish the pains of children and their families… today belongs to you. It’s the International Volunteer Day!!

No matter they stick stamps on the envelopes or perform a complex brain surgery; all MAHAK volunteers belong to one family: they all know that even doing a simple act will be fruitful. They all know that digging mountain starts with removing the first little stone. They have all dedicated part of their life, professionalism and experience to the charity they trust. An organization which appreciates and pays tribute to its volunteers. Happy International Volunteer Day to all MAHAK volunteers.


Happy International Volunteer Day to all MAHAK Volunteers.