last update: 18-01-2023


Being familiar with the knowledge and techniques of defining, implementing and managing a project for community-based organizations works as an acceleration tool based on which they can design their operations in the form of executive processes as well as planning and accomplishing their temporary activities which are related to development or crises plans.
Utilizing project management competency provides NGOs with the confidence of reporting to their stakeholders in an accountable and transparent manner which also helps them to absorb the trust of the society.
MAHAK has always had the concern of making progress and improving its performance by planning based on international management standards and strategies; therefore, many of its processes have been devised and performed in forms of projects according to project management strategies. As the result of deploying international standards and collaborations with related associations, MAHAK has won two Gold Awards (2014 and 2018) in project management from the International Project Management Association (IPMA).
We believe that all these achievements have been made due to performing based on management and PM strategies and today on the occasion of the International Project Management Day, we pay tribute to all associations which strive to promote these professional approaches among different strata of the society and the organizations that apply these standards on their operations in order to build a sustainable manner for services provision for their stakeholders.