last update: 18-01-2023


Today, on October 14, World Standards Day is commemorated all over the globe. Some assets are very difficult or even impossible to regain if destroyed. The planet and the resources we have to meet our needs are included which if we lose them, in addition to putting our lives in danger; we will not be a good trustee for the next generations. Thus, each of us can be the planet savior by taking small simple actions. We are all responsible for our planet. 
MAHAK as the first charity organization in Iran that has the national award from Iran Supreme Council of Standard has strived to take steps to protect the planet according to the national and international standards through reducing plastic and energy consumption as well as waste segregation.
P.S. Let’s keep it in our mind not to put the used masks and gloves in our household trashes since during the pandemic hit, we should give more attention to waste segregation.
What do you do to protect our planet?