last update: 28-09-2023


Today is the day of bright hearted people who are tactile readers and writers; the international day of people who have learned to fill the void of sight with their senses… the ones who can feel the world without having a real image of it.
Having vision impairment is sometimes congenital or may happen as the result of a disease or an accident; as some of MAHAK children may suffer from vision impairment due to cancer. However, most of them will defeat cancer and learn how to live with the new condition in spite of losing their vision…
We, at MAHAK have lots of success stories of our visually impaired children and relying on your support, we hope for a beautiful happy ending for all of our children’s stories… let’s keep in mind that the visually impaired people can feel the world with the eyes of their soul as long as they have hope and determination in their hearts.
On October 15 which is marked as “the World White Cane Day”, we commemorate all the people with vision impairment who have an enduring passion for life despite all hardships and struggle for having a well- quality life besides all the individuals and community-based organizations who support these people. 
P.S. In Farsi, people with vision impairment are called bright-hearted as we believe they can see with the eyes of their soul.