last update: 10-01-2024


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all the norms and conditions based on which we lived and different groups of the society have been forced to change their lifestyles to protect themselves from this disease. Some groups of patients have been mostly affected by this disease including patients with cardiovascular diseases or the ones with compromised immune systems.
This year's theme for the World Heart Day has been announced as 'Use heart to beat cardiovascular diseases;' which encourages us to use our head, influence and compassion in order to learn how to have a healthy lifestyle to protect our heart, to promote it in our family and society, and to look beyond the self and act in ways that support the most vulnerable in society; those with underlying heart-related conditions that may put them at greater risk in the time of COVID-19.
On the occasion of the World Heart Day 2020, as the organization with almost 30 years of experience in pediatric cancer care, we are well aware of the necessity of specific care for the ones with compromised immune systems in pandemic hit. Hence, we pay tribute to the healthcare professionals who do their best to save their fellow beings suffering from heart diseases during the pandemic hit. We hope one day we can celebrate the eradication of all disease from the world.