last update: 18-01-2023



On the occasion of the International Father’s Day, we aim to pay tribute to the first heroes of our lives who are our fathers and we appreciate them for all their sacrifice and heroism towards their children. We know that this year many people are not able to meet their fathers on the father’s day because of the Coronavirus pandemic but we are sure their hearts are full of love for their heroes and beat for them wherever they are.

MAHAK children also, stay in the hospital and far from their fathers for some periods of time but we at MAHAK are doing our best to support cancer-stricken children in a way that no worries fill their father’s hearts and we try to keep them hopeful and motivated to look forward to visiting their children at home and celebrating their complete recovery.

We wish these days pass as soon as possible and all children celebrate the next father’s day with the presence of their heroes under the same roof.

May the souls of all late fathers rest in peace.


Happy International Father’s Day