last update: 26-10-2022



The word “nurse” used to remind us of a lady in a white uniform who encouraged us to keep silence with her index finger on nose. However, these days, nurses remind us of faces with scars caused by facemasks and greeting videos sent to their loved ones after weeks of being away from them.

These days the Coronavirus has changed our mental picture of a typical nurse to a more real one. Now the word nurse stands for a person who risks their life to help their fellow beings regain health.

Today on May 12, 2020 and on the occasion of the International Nurses Day, we pay tribute to all nurses who strive to never let tears mist a person’s eyes because of the loss of a loved one. We appreciate nurses whose jobs are not just an occupation but a humanity concept. MAHAK has known these angels for many years and relies to back cancer-stricken children in their cancer treatment.

Let’s keep in mind that social distancing and staying home can help nurses go home sooner and spend time with their loved ones. Our hands are apart but our hearts are close.