last update: 26-10-2022



Diseases are one of the problems we face in life which can be dealt with in a much better way if our family supports us. This companionship and support is much more important when one is coping with a chronic disease like diabetes to help them battle it with high motivation.


Diabetes, like cancer, is a disease that when a family member gets afflicted by it, the whole family should stay together and support him or her during the treatment. We at MAHAK do our best so that the family members, specially the parents, will have no concern other than the wellbeing of their children and stay together during the treatment process of their children with a boosted morale.


On the occasion of the World Diabetes Day, 14 November, 2019, with the theme of Family and Diabetes, MAHAK pays tribute to all who have the great concern of supporting the patients with diabetes and wishes wellbeing and health for these patients.