last update: 26-10-2022


Let's close our eyes for a second and imagine a colorless world; a completely dark world. That is when we learn how worthy the eyes are and how difficult it is to live in darkness. The ability to see the world through these windows may sometimes be lost due to heredity, accidents or diseases like cancer.
Cancer-stricken children are in danger of losing their sight as the result of the side effect of chemotherapy medications. Due to the same reason, we strive to diminish the probability of our children's being stricken with the side effects of cancer by utilizing the best therapeutic methods. In addition, the required skills are taught to our children who have become sight-impaired in order to preserve their childhood and increase their quality of life.
On the occasion of the World White Cane Day, We pay tribute to all the sight-impaired people who try hard to achieve their goals and we appreciate all the individuals and organizations that provide services and support to the sight-impaired.