last update: 21-11-2023



When you imagine the world without any sounds, you realize the difficulties you do not usually think of. You will not hear the pleasant sounds in life such as your favorite music, walking on the autumn leaves and your loved ones laughter and communicating with others will not be easy as it was. However, all these difficulties will not be reasons to disappoint you. Thousands of hearing-impaired people around the world are working, enjoying their lives, making progress and never stop trying hard. Some types of cancer and their treatments damage the sense of hearing so, some cancer-stricken children also may lose this sense.


We, at MAHAK strive to provide the best treatment and support services to cancer-stricken children and in case they experience the loss of hearing, the best situation in which they can learn required skills are provided for them.


On the occasion of the International Week of the Deaf, let's pay attention to the concerns of these individuals and never leave them alone in life.