last update: 21-11-2023


Childhood is considered the most pleasant part of every human being's life. But when a hard disease like cancer is tied to the fate of a child, everything changes. MAHAK during its 27-years of activities has strived to preserve the childhood of its children and enhance their life quality. As a result, different activities such as play therapy, art therapy music therapy and… are being done in MAHAK in addition to celebrations on various occasions such as birthdays, New Year, Nowruz and so on.
Going along the path of supporting cancer-stricken children and eliminating the great concern of children with cancer and their families could not be possible without the support of the ever-expanding family of MAHAK. On the occasion of the International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) we appreciate all the supports towards MAHAK and look forward to bidding farewell to cancer in future.