last update: 26-10-2022



Great wishes can be granted by taking small steps. We can pass the difficulties together and incredible happenings can occur with undertaking simple steps. 27 years ago a small group of volunteers gathered to support cancer-stricken children and their families and gradually hundreds and thousands of other volunteers and work forces joined this intimate and sympathetic community and formed a bigger and bigger embrace so that families of cancer-stricken children will have no concerns other than the health status of their children. Today, in 27th year of MAHAK's activities, more than 8500 volunteers who devote their knowledge, expertise, experience and time to children with cancer are members of the ever-expanding family of MAHAK.


We congratulate the International Volunteer Day to MAHAK's volunteers and to all the people whose heart beats for their fellow-beings. We appreciate the valuable time you dedicate to cancer-stricken children and we are glad that you spread hope among MAHAK children and their families with your presence.