last update: 16-05-2022



Reaching your goals and having achievements in this world not only depends on the proper decisions that we make but it also relies on the tool which indicates the right path. Standing against cancer is difficult but MAHAK, relying on the kind and sympathetic supporters like you, endeavors to defeat this disease. We are glad that MAHAK has become the top scorer in the global NGO Benchmark practice with the score of 97.5% among 328 NGOs which have valid certificates due to your constant care and patronage, which means even in the hardest situations we will provide standard services to cancer-stricken children.


We commemorate the World Standards Day and we extend our gratitude to all the experts and organizations that have assisted us in making logical decisions for bringing health to children with cancer by evaluating MAHAK's performance. We thank the ever-expanding family of MAHAK for making the impossibilities possible.