last update: 10-01-2024



Supporting the needs of families who have got a child with cancer and referred to MAHAK has become a major concern of the organization since the very outset of its establishment. Support services are provided in line with the mission of MAHAK and deem to lessen suffering of the family.
This department consists of three sections: social work, psycho-social work and a welfare center to provide families with accommodation facilities, transportation services and so on. Each section plays a vital role in providing services to the deprived children and their families. In accord with MAHAK's mission and goals, all covered children enjoy the organization's financial, social, consultative, psychological and welfare services without discrimination. This department strives to support the families of children with cancer from all aspects and encourages them to solely concentrate on their child’s treatment. In this department, staff are ready to ease the stress of families’ journey who travel a long distance for cancer treatment, answer their questions and give psycho-social consultation to them. In addition, these services give children the chance to proceed with their treatment phase successfully.

The Social Work Department at MAHAK supports children with cancer and their families through counseling and providing necessary assistance once they are referred to the hospital.

The psychiatric department of MAHAK provides free counseling services to children with cancer and their parents as a compulsory part of its programs.

The welfare center provides families or children’s guardian with accommodation, food, transportation and educational expenses. For this reason, MAHAK built a hostel in the areas of Darabad and Satar Khan in Tehran, and since its formation, families travelling from far away are accommodated in these hostels. In these hostels, MAHAK prepares various facilities and services to comfortably accommodate MAHAK patients and their families.

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