last update: 16-10-2021



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Oncology ward

This section of MAHAK hospital is for patients who need to stay at MAHAK hospital for over a day because of chemotherapy. It includes two sections, Oncology 1 and 2, with 15 private one-bedroom rooms each. Each bedroom has one extra bed for the parent or guardian of the patient, and facilities such as refrigerator, TV, and bathroom.  Each Oncology section has one playroom equipped with toys for different ages (from 1-14), and a toxic waste disposal with different filters and proper removal of chemical drugs, waste, etc.  In each section, pediatricians and specialized oncologists Who trained in oncology to care for kids , with social workers, and psychologists work in different shifts. The Oncology ward only accepts MAHAK patients and regular patients. In addition, training courses are offered to prepare the parents of children in the Oncology ward.