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MAHAK “highly specialized pediatric cancer hospital”, which was opened in April 2007, has become one of the leading centers of cancer treatment and research in the Middle East, as a result of volunteer and donor contributions. MAHAK hospital has a strong connection with the charity and MAHAK social services departments.
MAHAK hospital now covers over 18,000 square meters and includes Emergency, Oncology, Hematology, ICU, Chemotherapy, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Psychology, Surgery rooms, Genetic Laboratory  and Children’s Heart Departments, a Dentistry Clinic as well as Diagnostic Services such as CT Scanners, MRI, Biochemical Lab, Microbiology Lab, Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Centers. In September 2011, MAHAK Bone Marrow Transplant dept. also inaugurated with modern facilities. Besides these medical facilities,  there are also boarding house, a library and an auditorium as well as children’s play rooms.
All children and families covered by MAHAK have similar access to these facilities and services regardless of race and religion.

Hospital Divisions are as follows:


Blood and Oncology clinic

B.M.T department


Dentistry clinic


General Laboratory

Genetic Laboratory

Heart and echocardiography clinic



Oncology Ward




Surgery room