last update: 28-09-2023



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Support Services
Supporting the needs of families who have got a child with cancer and refer to MAHAK has become a major concern of the organization since the very outset of its establishment. Support services are provided in line with the mission of MAHAK and deem to lessen suffering of the family. Support are provided through the following sections:
Each child who is less than 16 years with positive pathological report and is being treated in governmental or a university affiliated hospital can be covered by MAHAK support services. This section operates through MAHAK offices located in nine hospitals and medical centers in Tehran. 
If a child diagnosed with cancer is not covered by insurance, the first step is to register and insure the patient and his/her family, and then the medical treatment starts. The support services include paying for medical diagnostics, medicines and hospitalization, operations, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, accommodation and transportation (60% of the patients are from provinces other than Tehran). 
MAHAK also covers the costs of psychology services, clothing, recreational programs and assists the families with living and education expenses.