last update: 10-01-2024



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MAHAK as a well-known nongovernmental organization concentrating on pediatric cancer treatment, founded and operated with relying on public donations in all kinds, including cash, goods, services and expertise knowledge. MAHAK puts a great attention to the humanitarian goals and attracting public participation since supporting activities of MAHAK for children suffering from cancer and their families have been increased remarkably. For this purpose, this department facilitates the donation process of humanitarian aids for the cancer-stricken children, and always tries different ways to accelerate this process such as opening offices in different locations, creating the distribution cycle of piggy banks and donation boxes.
All activities of this department are being done with special emphasis on the principle of transparency and accountability. All kinds of humanitarian aid in every size and type, are crucial to help MAHAK gets financial resources to achieve this sublime goal “ in the shadow of the MAHAK supports no child will die because of inability to pay the treatment costs” by attracting public donations and participation.