last update: 07-02-2023



Developed in conjunction with

MAHAK as an institute that interacts with other organizations concentrating on pediatric cancer diagnosis and treatment

, finds it essential to devote substantial attention to the  human source development as a response to the public needs and accomplish its mission. For this purpose, human resources department plays an important role in realizing MAHAK’s goals by having an accurate knowledge about organization needs and capacities, as well as dedicate recruiting and training of its human capitals. Therefore ,MAHAK pays a considerable attention to the development of strategic plan in order to boost up organization capacity and its human capital efficiency.

The main points of these leading programs are:

1. investigating and making polices and regulation for human resources
2. codifying and prioritizing the short-term and medium-term goals for human resources management in line with MAHAK’s massive targets and governing regulations.
3. planning and codifying the practical plans for human source management while considering the organization requirements.
4-implementing organized plans to realize determined programs mentioned in strategic plan.

MAHAK has been recruited 421 employees that two hundred and sixty one are working in MAHAK highly specialized hospital while one hundred and sixty personals are working at MAHAK charity.