last update: 05-12-2021



Any child diagnosed with cancer has the battle for their life ahead of them. Six years ago, Amir-Reza started grappling with such reality, but thanks to scientific research and specialized medicine, this story has a happy ending.

Remembering his endeavors, his father says:
“He always felt happier in MAHAK as, like a little prince, he could have whatever he wished for”.

“As he has a great interest in electronics, his friends used to ask him to fix their toys or even order some new devices.  One day he made an anti-theft device for his own closet in order to make it inaccessible to others.”

“We never felt away from home among MAHAK family” he added.

Fortunately for Amir-Reza and his family, after two years of fighting, he overcame this disease and today, Amir-Reza is a healthy and happy 18-year-old boy, enrolled at the university and studying his favorite subject which is industrial design.
We hope that all children with cancer overcome their illness, using the eternal optimist otherwise known as Amir-Reza as their role model.