last update: 16-03-2023


Mohammad Reza used to be MAHAK's cancer-stricken child 20 years ago and is a 33-year old medical doctor now. At the age of 13, he exhibited symptoms such as fever and shortness of breath and could no longer run at school with his friends and play football." Therefore, one month after the occurrence of the first symptoms, I was referred to a doctor and was hospitalized after a CT scan.
At the beginning, his family thought he had caught a cold but his disease worsened and his cancer journey started by referring to a doctor and having a CT scan.
The next morning, after doctors examined Mohammad Reza, they suggested that he should visit "Prof. Parvaneh Vossough". So, Mohammad Reza’s family went from their place of residence to Ali Asghar Hospital in Tehran. Mohammad Reza fought cancer with the support of his mother who was a social worker and had helped other patients before his son caught cancer.
Mohammad Reza has been so influenced by the behavior and character of Professor Vossough that he decided to become a doctor after going on a remission by getting chemotherapy for ten months. 
MAHAK's cancer-survivor has become a physician now and likes to be a pediatric oncologist.
Mohammad Reza says: "Professor Vossough helped me and my family very much during those days. She patiently did even the most basic steps of hospitalization for us. She was very patient. When I remember her, I do my best to be like her."
Mohammad Reza believes that people are accompanying the medical team more than ever these days and he says:" I hope we will celebrate the eradication of COVID-19 all together."