last update: 19-05-2023


Mithra is one of MAHAK’s cancer-survivor and she is 32. She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3 with a rare kind of kidney tumor which happens to 1 in 10,000. Due to the malignant tumor, after counseling with oncologists and having numerous tests and scans, she lost one of her kidney to surgery. Now 27 years have passed since then and she admitted university many years after survival from cancer and received financial support from MAHAK as MAHAK never leaves its children alone in different stages of life. Currently, she is a professional make-up artist of the theater and film industry and has worked in famous film projects. She has also studied accounting in addition to make-up and clothing design.
Mithra has persistently followed the path of success. As she says, no one thought that she could study, have a job and play an important role in the family. With the help of her oncologist and MAHAK family, she has been able to reach the stage she had always imagined. Mitra's successes have an important message for children suffering from cancer, their families and all members of society; a message that tells us cancer-stricken children, like everyone else, can try and succeed in their life.
How do you motivate your loved ones to pass their challenging days? Comment your solutions as they may give hope to those who read them.
P.S. This is the photo of Mithra and her father during her cancer